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Hi there! It's your brow girl here, Hildi!


Here's a bit about me↓

I have been an artist since the day I was born (according to my mother).


There really hasn't been a time in my life that I wasn't drawing, sewing, decorating or just doing any form of creative project. I am truly passionate about art.


When I was just 16 years old I became a tattoo apprentice, I had found my calling.


After my apprenticeship (and a few years of bird training in between) I learned of this new thing called "Microblading". I've always enjoyed drawing portraits, my favorite part being BROWS. I mean they truly do complete the face and create expression. That's what I love about them. So in that moment I thought....I can do THAT for a living but on REAL faces!? So I did (insert shrug emoji here)

Now of course I've come a long way from the day I made the decision to dive heard first into permanent makeup, but no matter how far I have come in my career, striving to always be better and gain more knowledge is something I will never stop doing. I LOVE learning. And when I am interested in something, you bet I will go in at full force!


I have seen artists -- at every level -- stunt themselves by assuming they have reached their full potential. I take pride in never ceasing to continue my education, not just in tattooing but in all things in life.

















At Lammergeier Studio, a clean and sanitary environment comes first and foremost.


Your artist, Hildi, is certified in blood borne pathogens and comes from a tattoo background where sanitation is held to the highest standards.


Equally as important is the artistry. Hildi is an Artist above all else, so creating the perfect shape and natural flow for your brows comes as second nature. She is genuinely passionate about creating unique, beauty enhancing eyebrows. At Lammergeier Studio, your brows will be specifically tailored for you, your skin type, and your lifestyle! 

When you come to Lammergeier Studio you can expect an informative and fun expierence. You will be put at ease by Hildi's compassionate personality, extensive knowledge and the studios relaxing atmosphere. 




The use of high quality tools and pigments is extremely important.


The pigments used at Lammergeier Studio are top rated and highly stable. These quality pigments paired with Hildi's expert technique will result in beautiful long term healed results (no crazy colors!).


We use high quality numbing gel for a painless and comfortable experience! Lammergeier Studio always uses sterile, individually packaged needle cartridges.

Quality is important not only in tools and products but in technique as well. The proper needle angle, depth and skin stretch all play a crucial roll in the delivery of stunning healed results. After all, that's what it's all about!


The Pre-Draw


At your appointment Hildi will spend a great deal of time perfecting your pre-draw. The pre-draw is a crucial element in creating symmetrical eyebrows that fit your face perfectly. You will of course have the opportunity to review the shape before we make our final decision!


A Lammergeier (pronounced lam·mer·guy·er) is a type of vulture also known as a Bearded Vulture. They are a beautiful creature found in mountainous regions from Central Asia and eastern Africa to Spain. 

These stunning birds feed primarily on bone marrow! Their unique diet and intimidating look gained them a false reputation of being predators who steal livestock and even children, when in fact they only feed on carrion (dead animal). This accusation resulted in mass poaching that had dwindled their numbers nearly to extinction.

Although debunked, many areas of the world are still fearful of them.

So what does a Lammergeier have to do with permanent makeup you ask? 


Absolutely nothing! I used to be a bird trainer and the Bearded Vulture is one of my favorite birds. (Although unfortunately I never had the opportunity to work with one directly). 


When entering into permanent makeup I knew I couldn't leave my passion for birds behind me, so I chose a business name to honor it.  It's also a name no one can pronounce...oops! 

Want to learn more about Lammergeiers? Click here and here

vulture dark.jpg

If you made it to the end of that, I applaud you!


Well, I hope you like my work and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out!






One of of my proudest moments in my career was just four moths in; I had the honor of being gifted a ticket from the director of a well respected permanent makeup company to attend their annual conference. This conference hosted many of the top artists in the industry. On the last day, during the final ceremony, I was (to my utmost surprise) presented with an award as "The Most Determined Permanent Makeup and Microblading conference attendee". As you can see by my facial expression in the photo below, I was experiencing an array of emotions in that moment (and even managed to hold the award backwards, classic)















About The Shop
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"Unless you try to do something beyond
what you have
already mastered,
you will never grow."
- Ronald E. Osborn

Hildi holding a Stellers Sea Eagle named Nadia

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