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Why do some brows look so orange/red?

The color of the pigment will, in most cases, look much warmer in tone than it will heal. Do not be concerned by this, that tone will neutralize and heal to the perfect color for your skin & brow hair. The pigment must have added warmth in it to ensure it does not heal ashy once the cool tones of the skin heal over it. 

How do you design the shape?

Your artist will begin by drawing one brow on first. This will be drawn using your bone structure, face shape & preferences. once you check off on the first brow, your artist will then begin working to match the second brow to it. Many factors can affect the shape & symmetry. The two largest factors are movements of the facial muscles, and bone structure. There is no true symmetry in the face, so your artist will work with you to find the shape that feels naturally symmetrical to your eye.

Will they always look so dark and intense?

All techniques will heal much softer and lighter than they initially appear. Expect to feel a bit shocked upon your first look- this is not  indicative of the final outcome! Different techniques offer different levels of saturation. Together we will create the perfect style for you!

Will it hurt?

You will be numbed with a high quality lidocaine gel and should be very comfortable! It is even quite common for clients to fall asleep.

Will they turn weird colors?

We've all seen those blue, green, grey & even pink brows before! Those unwanted colors come out for a few reasons, the main two are poor technique or unstable pigment. You will have neither of those things at Lammergeier Studio!

Now, as the pigment heals and fades, you will see some natural change in color and could even see some slightly warm or cool tones come through, these are minor adjustments that are part of the annual touch ups. 

How long does healing take?

Visible healing typically takes about 1-2 weeks. After that your skin is still healing for at least another 2-3 weeks. We will go over the healing process together in detail! Aftercare is a vital part of the final outcome.

Can I wear makeup on them?

Once healed you can absolutely wear makeup on them! During the healing process you can wear makeup, but must make sure no makeup gets on your brows.

How often do they need to be touched up?

After the initial one time 6 to 8 week touch up, and depending on your skin type, lifestyles & technique chosen, you should not need a touch up for approximately 1-3 years.

Is what I am getting Microblading?

Nope! Lammergeier Studio does not offer Microblading. Microblading is a manual method of creating hair-like strokes by gently scratching the skin. At Lammergeier Studio we offer Machine Hairstrokes (aka Nano Strokes). Machine Hairstrokes typically hold up better long term & can be more gentle on the skin than Microblading. 

Will my brows be shaved off?

Absolutely not! Your artist will only clean up any hair around the edges of your tattoo.

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