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Things to know:

1. All techniques will heal much softer and lighter than they initially appear. Expect to feel a bit shocked upon your first look- this is not  indicative of the final outcome!

2. The color of the pigment will, in most cases, look much warmer in tone than it will heal. Do not be concerned by this, that tone will neutralize and heal to the perfect color for your skin & brow hair. The pigment must have added warmth in it to ensure it does not heal ashy once the cool tones of the skin are healed over it. 

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So, which technique is right for you?


The Hybird Brow is Lammergeier Studios most popular service. It features a flattering defined line on the bottom, and a soft powdery top. This beautiful brow can be done with or without Hairstrokes in the front (depending on skin type). This shading technique creates the illusion of natual density. The Hybrid Brow can be customized to your preference and is a perfect option for clients that want a semi structured brow, but still want a soft and natural look. (~1-3 year touch ups required)

The Powder brow provides a very natural look. This brow mimics a subtle powder fill. The shading is strategically tattooed from the center of the brow, outwards, with no defining lines along the edges. The Powder brow will give you a beautiful shape, with a subtle healed finish. Powder brows are a wonderful choice for clients who do not wear much makeup and are used to a soft "powdery" fill. (~1-3 year touch ups required)

The Combo/Ombré Brow is perfect for those who like a very structured look. This style gives you that flawlessly defined "Insta Brow". It differs from The Hybrid Brow in that it is lined on both the bottom and top, then shaded in an Ombré style; darker in the tail & lighter in the front. The "Combo Brow" is done with Hairstrokes in the front, and the "Ombré Brow" is done without. (~1-3 year touch ups required)

(not suitable for most skin types)

The Nano Brow is a combination of small hair like strokes with shading to create the illusion of a full natural brow. This technique often times needs to be changed to a Hybrid/Combo/Powder Brow down the line, as small strokes like this do not tend to hold up as well long term in the skin. Most clients find they want shading as it lasts longer & provides a fuller (yet still natural) look.

This technique can only be done if approved by your artist. Most skin types are not eligible.  (~1 year touch ups required)

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